Wednesday, December 21, 2011

two thousand and eleven.

2011 has been a year of lots of blessings and joys but also some sad times too. i feel like i've grown a lot as a person in my understanding of who i am, what i like and how to work full time and manage life too, working to live rather than living to work.  it has been so great to start this blog, to meet lots of interesting people and to feel connected to a world which has similar interests and appreciates things which don't even really exist in my small country town home. i thought i'd do a little photo look back at 2011 and some of the special moments.
january: we got our lovely little maisy. she's just the sweetest little companion. we thought about getting a dog for a while but were worried about the extra responsibility and what to do with it when we traveled. however this little fluffball has been so wonderful for us and i am so thankful to come home each day to an excited little thing who always wants cuddles.
 february: we spent the month trying to teach maisy how to go for walks, giving maisy her first bath, enjoying a puppy and getting settled into the year of work in my first year as a classroom teacher.
 march:  i was still recovering from a knee operation but had some nice painless days like this one spent some time with my special man and friends out crabbing on the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere.
april: husband and i explored the south and north of vietnam and fell in love with the culture and diversity of this amazing country. it's a crazy beautiful country with very friendly people and the most incredible food. i'm hooked on south east asia and while it had lots of similarities to cambodia and thailand, i really felt connected to vietnam and have a strong urge to volunteer in a school over there one day.
may: a friend showed me a tumblr, i then found links to all these amazing blogs and became hooked on blogging and being connected to an online community. i  started this blog and got a bit creative.
june: i had an amazing long weekend with lots of relatives and my dear grandparents at my home. we celebrated phil's birthday and got to make some memories with my pa that i will never forget and treasure dearly.
july: i went to canberra to see the lovely libby and got to explore the capital and see how different...and truly how much colder canberra is.
august: our gorgeous niece was born. i love this photo.
september: i had to say a very teary goodbye to a very special man. i didn't actually get to say it as the last time pa was conscious i had an awful throat infection and couldn't speak but i wrote it on paper for him and he smiled back at me and i am so thankful he is at home with his heavenly father and no longer in pain.
october: i went on many lovely walks with my cute little companion. lots of other things happen but taking the time out to go for walks and just think and relax was really important to me.
november: phil bought me a tripod for my birthday and we started taking lots of family pictures. i'd like to say we got lots of good ones but it seemed like everytime we posed for a photo, husband or i pulled some awful faces. maisy is an excellent poser..why couldn't she pose like this in her little santa costume?
december: it's been a busy month but i've really enjoyed it. we had our fantastic family night performance, i said goodbye to my darling class and school to start a new adventure next year.

this year has been ones of  many weddings, a  funeral, a few tears, some travel and lots of love and happiness. i'm really thankful to all the lovely people out there in the blogging world and those i know in the real world who leave beautiful comments and for the chance i have to share with others and also in a selfish way, reflect on and record, my life and all the special moments i am so thankful to God for.
have a very merry christmas and new year.
love lisa xo

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  1. Sounds and looks like a wonderful year.. especially love the photograph from Vietnam.. and pictures of family.
    Here's to an even better 2012.