Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what to do with a giant hole in the wall.

i'm a dreamer and love to think of ways to change up the house without spending a fortune. last weekend my super handy parents, hubby and i decided to redecorate the 'junk/dining room'. 
our house is a beautiful old house with high pressed tin ceilings, wood paneling walls and plenty of charm but it has one ugly old aircon that isn't used so before changes happened it was kind of essential to ditch the air con.
so in a weekend solution: find a pretty piece of leadlight cheap and knock out the aircon. build a frame around it, mount it and smile at a beautiful blank canvas room. 
it took about a day to complete but boy is it beautiful and turning our junk room into a nice sunny winter room where i just want to curl up with a good book and cup of tea and read all day.



i'll show some final transformation pictures of how our 'junk room' has been transformed into a dining room/spare room/ reading nook but it's still not quite finished. above is a small peak but i've still got so many ideas to put into place before it's complete.ah, the joys of pinterest and ideas galore on the net :)
hope your having a good week! x


  1. It's gorgeous and practical! I absolutely love the wood panelling in that room, too.

  2. Anonymous5/23/2012

    Love the stained glass window, so pretty.

  3. What a great transformation! Lovely when you can get more light in a room!

  4. *GASP* That is stunning! I love the design and colors of the stained glass. You all did a beautiful job!

  5. What a gigantic improvement!

  6. What a good idea :-) I agree, the room is looking much nicer :-)

  7. Anonymous6/03/2012

    A house becomes a home when we use our imaginations and its lovely

  8. What a beautiful outcome! It looks much more better. You're a magician:) I like the idea of improving the house. You should never stop doing it, even if it seems perfect.