Saturday, December 3, 2011

old suitcase.

i found this beautiful old suitcase at a yard sale for $1 and am trying to work out the best way to turn it into something fantastic.i quite like the lining in it, except the bottom part is a little dirty but it has lots of potential.
some ideas...

make it into a cabinet (source)
turn into into an interesting hall table(source)
make a new bed for maisy (source unknown)
turn into book shelves (source unknown)
make extra craft storage(source)

use mod podge and material and make it very pretty(source)

this is a bit beyond my crafting capabilities but wouldn't this chair be fantastic.(source)
 do you have any other ideas? 
lisa x


  1. love these ideas! so, so cute. thanks for posting- i'm glad I found your blog.

  2. Do this with it- hat way you can still see the lining on the lid... you could even mod podge the other side (i.e. the outside of the lid) to jazz it up..then you just need to either make or buy a deliciously comfy pillow.

    I'm going to look out for old suitcases in this season's hard rubbish, I'm just not sure if I'll be lucky enough to get one as they're so popular atm- you got yourself a bargain!!

  3. I LOVE this!!! Vintage suitcases are wonderful... I love the idea of turning one into a cabinet!! Wonderful :)

  4. love these! I've actually been hunting for the perfect suitcase to put wheels on and actually use as a modern suitcase!

  5. thanks for your comments all and for the other ideas, still deciding what to do but this will definitely be my holiday project!

  6. Love all of these ideas!! I think vintage suitcases are so great!

  7. I will be very biased and say "bookcase!" just because I'm a book addict. Haha! But I love all of these ideas!

  8. Anonymous9/11/2014

    Anybody have any ideas on what I could make with an old trombone case I have

  9. You BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

  10. You are absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Thank you.

  11. love these! I have a set of four stacked and use for a night stand.
    I have one full of extra dogs toys and treats, as she{my dog}is good at finding them in a closet!! As sort of said, use for storage for material, magazines, books...etc!

    1. I also have a smaller one and have a stash of new birthday cards in it, and another with wax melts...full! lol That one asssswsmells sooo good! lol

    2. OH Geez, dont see where I can edit, my cat stepped on the keys!! LOL
      correction, That one smells sooo good!