Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my craft evening.

it's the first week back at work and though the kids haven't started yet it's been mighty busy. however what better way to relax in the evenings than by getting a bit crafty.  i thought i'd share with you all two little craft ideas i've undertaken. 
1) since our new bedroom is meant to be perfect, i've tried to make sure i love everything in it, even the tissue box. after a visit to spotlight i had the supplies to make a cute new tissue box holder for my bedside table.

coat the box with white paint. paint the frame black and glue the frame to the box. then choose a phrase to paint in the frame space.
and there you have it, my new tissue box.
2)  i've also been collecting jars for some time now since there are so many things you can do with them. i decided to use a few of mine to show off some treasured pictures on the mantle piece above our tv.

now to work out what to do with the rest of my jar collection?

also i just wanted to thank everyone lately for their sweet comments. i  love receiving new comments and really appreciate getting new followers and comments. thank you for visiting my blog


  1. That is one awesome tissue box with the perfect text on it. I'm also loving those photo jars.

  2. I've been meaning to look for tissue box ideas for awhile and I love the 'bless you' idea... I may even steal the idea ;-) I however am so creatively drained by the end of a school day I tend to just watch One Tree Hill :P hahaha

  3. Thank you for your comment :) love the result of the box! :D

  4. HI!! I love the crafty ideas on your blog!! i will def collect some jars myself!!

    love K

  5. Such a cute idea with the tissue box! I wish I was that creative!
    following ;)


  6. I love your crafts! Both the tissue box and the jars look splendid - I've been wanting to try the photos in a jar : )


  7. the tissue box cover is way too cute!