Thursday, July 12, 2012

please join me.

This is a post to all my loyal and lovely readers,
I have so enjoyed all your comments over the last year and a bit and all the people I have met.
However I have decided to take my blogging in a new direction and embark on a new challenge.
I would love so much for you to join me at my new blog:

Lisa x

Thursday, June 14, 2012

going bush.

for the long weekend we packed up the car and headed into the flinders ranges.
 we had a wonderful weekend away with our church family.
lazy lying around, 
sitting by the fire, 
eating homemade goodies, 
visiting the picturesque town of blinman
 delicious scones and quandong jam from the wild lime cafe
cuddles with a cute baby kangaroo
 and an impressive fireworks display.
oh how i love a long weekend!

(photos by the lovely taliah)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

scrabble ideas.

when i found an old scrabble board i almost jumped with joy. 
i have been looking for one for so long.
and the fact it was only $2 made it even better.
so many diy possibilities.
here are a few of my favourites...

scrabble piece magnets.
decorative jar.
labelled shelves
scrabble piece coasters
 after being suitably inspired i decided to get crafty and here is how i used scrabble pieces in my home...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

top 5 garage sale loves.

i love a good garage sale. it's pretty much my weekend hobby. today i thought i'd share with you some things i always look for at garage sales because it's good to have some idea of what you're after before you drive round...though you can always find things that are surprisingly amazing...and because i happen to have found lots of them recently!
1. nice picture frames.
you can never have too many :) and they can be painted and turned into some fantastic craft projects.

2 outdoor furniture.
i dont know why but outdoor furniture is just always so expensive- so though it's rare, if you find a nice piece of outdoor furniture at a garage sale, grab it or i guarantee someone else will!

3. old games
i'm a big fan of board game nights and it's where i've got my favourite games from. also old scrabble boards can be turned into some pretty things.

4. retro/vintage tins.
great storage, so many uses- and just so very pretty! i know i shared these last week but they're my favourite find of recent days.

5. this last one is mainly because i'm a teacher of twenty 5 year olds but i am always looking for good fun toys. things like lego are super scarce at garage sales so you're lucky if you find it. the one i'm currently searching for though is some wooden day! i'd share some pictures of some great car mats i found the other week but they're already at school getting much use.

happy thrifting!
p.s as usual i'm linking with her library adventures and apron thrift girl.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a weekend of garage sales.

i love a bargain and this last weekend was pretty much dominated by garage sales.
first my garage sale with friends  and then the annual Quorn town garage sales which were as epic as last year.
i got lots of new things but i thought i'd share today the magazine rack (above ) and some picture frames. i've just hung them in the hall way for now but am thinking of using the prints to be the background to some inspirational quotes, i just need to work out the right ones. but my personal favourite find of the day was some cute little canisters. they're not a matching set but wherever they end i know they'll look fantastic.
 happy thrifting! im linking with her library adventures and apron thrift girl.

Monday, May 28, 2012

i've got a green thumb.

normally me and the garden don't go so well, the cacti are my only survivors. everything i plant tends to turn brown and die- despite all efforts to water it. but i have found the solution!
introducing my little window garden...
i have discovered that you can replant the base of a celery stalk and it will regrow, how exciting! can you see all the little growth? and also you can place the ends of green onion in glasses of water and they'll kind of gardening.
any secrets you want to share? i can't wait till my little produce is fully grown.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what to do with a giant hole in the wall.

i'm a dreamer and love to think of ways to change up the house without spending a fortune. last weekend my super handy parents, hubby and i decided to redecorate the 'junk/dining room'. 
our house is a beautiful old house with high pressed tin ceilings, wood paneling walls and plenty of charm but it has one ugly old aircon that isn't used so before changes happened it was kind of essential to ditch the air con.
so in a weekend solution: find a pretty piece of leadlight cheap and knock out the aircon. build a frame around it, mount it and smile at a beautiful blank canvas room. 
it took about a day to complete but boy is it beautiful and turning our junk room into a nice sunny winter room where i just want to curl up with a good book and cup of tea and read all day.



i'll show some final transformation pictures of how our 'junk room' has been transformed into a dining room/spare room/ reading nook but it's still not quite finished. above is a small peak but i've still got so many ideas to put into place before it's complete.ah, the joys of pinterest and ideas galore on the net :)
hope your having a good week! x