Monday, July 18, 2011

in the capital

I've lived in Australia since birth and yet I've never been to the capital. When my best friend got her dream job in Canberra it was decided that Canberra would soon be well known to me. I packed my bags, drove 3 and a half hours to the airport and caught a delightful 6.40am flight to Australia's coldest city. Though it was much colder than home the weather was surprisingly bearable thanks to shops love of heating and Libby's hospitality which extended to her lending me coats and beanies. Libby's hospitality also included showing me the local's guide to the capital, though we did a few touristy things too for good measure.

In Canberra there are :
  • fantastic breakfast places; how I love a latte and toast with poached eggs, salmon and hollandaise sauce.
  • great shopping at the Civic centre and DFO
  • good Japanese food
  • adore tea with it's 200 types of tea and yes j'adore tea
  • Questacon 
  • vintage markets and many other markets
  • a neat glassworks factory
  • a red caravan by a lake that sells some seriously spectacular burgers 

All in all I must say I have grown a tad fond of our capital.

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  1. Your photos show the warmth of Canberra. Mum