Friday, January 27, 2012

australia day.

i hope all you australian readers had a beautiful australia day yesterday.
i spent the day with friends, listening to the hottest 100, having snags on the barbie and lots of salad too, and eating far too many lamingtons and pavlova slices. the perfect day.
now for all you readers from other countries, here's some australia education so you can actually understand what i just wrote.

in australia, on australia day,  a radio station called triple j hosts a show called the hottest 100 where they do a count down to find the best song of the previous year. most people listen to this show on australia day.
snags= sausages and barbie = barbecue. these are typical colloquialisms that everyone uses. on australia day everyone seems to have barbecues with family and friends.
and finally lamingtons and pavlova are our australian desserts. you can make them from scratch like we usually do, or supermarkets sell them too.
a blurry photo of some of yesterdays homemade lamingtons. lamingtons are really just sponge cake cut up and covered in chocolate icing and coconut bits. sometimes they are also filled with jam and/or cream.

i didn't get a photo of the pavlova from yesterday before we devoured it but it's a cake with a marshmellow inside, meringue outside and covered in cream and fruit. it's quite possibly my favourite dessert. (source)
now i'm off to have some vegemite on toast, how australian am i :)


  1. The only other time that I've heard of the term lamingtons is from Natalie Tran's Youtube videos, lol. But they do look delicious! Thanks for your kind comment!


  2. Thanks for the education. I knew what most everything was but I didn't know what lamingtons were. Sounds like a wonderful day of fun and eating and that tradition knows no boundaries, right?
    Right now, we're in the midst of winter, so tales of warm weather make me wicked happy. (in Maine, U.S.A., wicked can be used when something is just great or when you want to get your intense feelings expressed.)
    Love the little bucket head, too!

  3. That dessert looks insane! I love meringue... and fresh fruit! Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I had no idea about these Australian traditions.


  4. Must. Find. Pavlova.