Monday, December 12, 2011

flea market finds.

i came across this darling blog called her library adventures and every week people share their flea market finds. i thought i'd join in since i'm a avid op shopper, garage sale junkie and flea market lover.
some old school children's chairs. i loved the colours and am trying to work out what to do with them. was thinking perhaps of putting them outside with pop plants on or stacking them together and creating a stand for the toilet area. at the moment they just look cute in a row in the back area...and they were free so how could i refuse?
a wooden table. i saw the legs and thought they'd be just perfect for a crafty project, say turning my old suitcase (link) into a bedside table or whatever i do end up doing with it. this was also the perfect find for free and currently it graces our front porch while i think of a place to store it. i mean we have two big sheds but the spiders in australia are nasty and i dont fancy an encounter with any of them. maybe it's time husband put out another red back bomb and then my lovely table can be moved to the shed.
any thoughts about what i should do with the cute kids chairs?? x


  1. I love your finds. Vintage pieces are always so amazing. I Like the idea of putting plants on the chairs, that would be really cute!

  2. whoa! these are amazing! cheers on awesome finds.


  3. Great finds! I got my fur coat at a flea market a month ago. A new follower here :)

  4. Wonderful finds! I love flea markets :) Those chairs are really unique and cute - I like the idea of putting plants on them, or I think one would be cute just in the corner of a room... it would add a nice, unexpected pop of color.

  5. I have managed to find a table almost identical to the one you have (which I got cos I loved the legs!!) and am going to be sanding the whole thing down and then varnishing the top and painting the legs white. I also have a collection of different chairs which I will be sanding down and painting white. Those little chairs are adorable. I'm not sure how big they are however I would get a bit ahead of myself and sand them down and paint bright colours ready for my kids :P Otherwise you could always put pot plants on them (making sure they are under shelter and with plates underneath to catch the water so they don't get damaged) and save them until kids are closer to redo them (depending on what condition they are in.

  6. I love that wooden table so much! A table with character and history like that is so interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. thanks for your sweet comments everyone. @ samara, would love to see what you did to your table. haha, a think getting the chairs ready for kids is a bit premature for me but i'll take your advice and use plates under to catch the water and not wreck my pretty chairs.