Sunday, June 3, 2012

top 5 garage sale loves.

i love a good garage sale. it's pretty much my weekend hobby. today i thought i'd share with you some things i always look for at garage sales because it's good to have some idea of what you're after before you drive round...though you can always find things that are surprisingly amazing...and because i happen to have found lots of them recently!
1. nice picture frames.
you can never have too many :) and they can be painted and turned into some fantastic craft projects.

2 outdoor furniture.
i dont know why but outdoor furniture is just always so expensive- so though it's rare, if you find a nice piece of outdoor furniture at a garage sale, grab it or i guarantee someone else will!

3. old games
i'm a big fan of board game nights and it's where i've got my favourite games from. also old scrabble boards can be turned into some pretty things.

4. retro/vintage tins.
great storage, so many uses- and just so very pretty! i know i shared these last week but they're my favourite find of recent days.

5. this last one is mainly because i'm a teacher of twenty 5 year olds but i am always looking for good fun toys. things like lego are super scarce at garage sales so you're lucky if you find it. the one i'm currently searching for though is some wooden day! i'd share some pictures of some great car mats i found the other week but they're already at school getting much use.

happy thrifting!
p.s as usual i'm linking with her library adventures and apron thrift girl.


  1. My five favorite are......wait! It's a great blog post! I'll have to do one!

  2. I also love finding vintage scrabble games... well, I don't actually care if they're vintage, just as long as I can create something crafty with them!

  3. Those containers are awesome. My sister has a set in yellow, and I contemplate stealing them every time I see them.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. Good suggestions! I would love to find some of those vintage tins. There was a neighbourhood garage sale in our area yesterday, but my son had an out-of-town soccer tournie! Plus, it rained like crazy. Next time...;)

  5. You've got so many ideas for the kitchen! I love the letters in the next post too. The idea is just awesome, Lisa. The named shelves are well done.