Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a weekend of garage sales.

i love a bargain and this last weekend was pretty much dominated by garage sales.
first my garage sale with friends  and then the annual Quorn town garage sales which were as epic as last year.
i got lots of new things but i thought i'd share today the magazine rack (above ) and some picture frames. i've just hung them in the hall way for now but am thinking of using the prints to be the background to some inspirational quotes, i just need to work out the right ones. but my personal favourite find of the day was some cute little canisters. they're not a matching set but wherever they end i know they'll look fantastic.
 happy thrifting! im linking with her library adventures and apron thrift girl.


  1. I love those canisters! Everyone seems to be picking them up, I've only seen one set & I had little interest at the time & the thrift store had written the price in black Sharpie on the side of each canister...

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  2. Lisa,
    I am simply in love with your magazine rack...rattan being a favorite of mine! And those canisters are making me...speechless! What great finds you have here!

  3. Love seeing all of your treasure finds. Love love love the canisters. Visiting you from www.thepickinpair.blogspot.com and now following you too.

  4. Love those canisters....especially the delightful green one!

  5. The canisters are gorgeous! I have a complete set in the same style as the tea, coffee & rice ones, except in a different colour scheme and it is possibly one of my favourite possessions ever (mostly because they belonged to my nan, but also because I think they're adorable).

    There's so much character in these little glimpses of your home and its decorations - it's lovely.

  6. Ooh, those canisters...I love them even more in an assortment of fonts and colors like that. Great find! I like the magazine rack, too.

  7. I love those canisters! I actually like that they are all different colors--more fun that way!