Monday, May 28, 2012

i've got a green thumb.

normally me and the garden don't go so well, the cacti are my only survivors. everything i plant tends to turn brown and die- despite all efforts to water it. but i have found the solution!
introducing my little window garden...
i have discovered that you can replant the base of a celery stalk and it will regrow, how exciting! can you see all the little growth? and also you can place the ends of green onion in glasses of water and they'll kind of gardening.
any secrets you want to share? i can't wait till my little produce is fully grown.


  1. good to know
    I usually kill everything I lay my hands on

  2. You saved them, Lisa. It's so wonderful that you care about flowers and plants in general. I also have a lot of flower pots at home. I have some rare species too, so it takes much time to deal with them.