Thursday, July 14, 2011

as the years go by

I thought I'd share some reflections about living in the country, full time now for a year today or for a year and a half if you count the six months of travel back and forth between the city and country.

5 things I've learnt since moving to the country:
1. outback sunsets are spectacular
 2. Quandong is the most amazing pie, cheesecake, chutney, cake ingredient
3.the Flinders ranges are really worth visiting
4. 3 hour drives aren't that bad
5. Country health care is terribly underfunded by the government

 5 things I miss (aside from friends and family):
1. having shops around
2. super fresh produce from the central markets
3. lots of places to eat out at
4.going out for a coffee someplace other than Mac cafe
5. entertainment, like concerts, cinemas open on days other than the weekends and festivals.

5 things that I love about living in the country:
1. driving to school and it taking a minute (or on those not so freezing days walking). 
2. supermarkets open until 10pm on Saturday and Sunday nights
3. beautiful towns and walks only a short drive away
4. our gorgeous house
5.having weekend visitors and spending all that quality time with them. Come for a visit!

Have you ever thought about a change to 'greener' pastures? Although it's had it's challenges I am truly grateful for the experience I've had and while I don't know how many more years we'll live here, it's sure opened my sheltered eyes. 

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