Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's holiday time! Warrens Gorge

Yesterday was the first day of school holidays which excites me very much! Since I live in the country there are many things around that I've never seen/been to before and I need to explore like port pirie, yourambulla caves and Wilpena. So in the spirit of going to new places I went with a friend to visit the lovely Warrens Gorge, 20kms on from Quorn. We went walking, looked ideally on at campers, almost fell in a creek and followed yellow footed rock wallabies up the hillside. After our walk we couldn't help but stop at the Quandong cafe for my absolute favourite quandong pie. This is the must try food of the Flinders Ranges! Some photos of the pretty gorge below...

up close to a yellow footed rock wallaby

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