Sunday, July 3, 2011

p p p pirie

Despite Pirie being a short 45 minute drive away I'd never been to this country town so when my parents in law were in Pirie, husband and I thought we'd better join them. We ate lunch there and then wandered round to some museums. It's funny how museums bored me to pieces as a child and I swore I would never enjoy them and now I love looking at how things used to be.
beautiful old cast iron bed
taking photos in sepia makes them seem so much more authentically old fashioned :)
all aboard the Port Pirie express

It was fantastic to see Pirie and explore with the parents in law. After we went to the Standpipe for the most spectacular kingfish dinner, followed by a mighty tasty dessert, Mango and pistachio kalfi. Will definitely be going out for dessert there again!

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