Tuesday, May 1, 2012

garage sale finds.

every garage sale i always look for goodie that can be transformed into fantastic craft projects and i've found some great ones this weekend.
every time i go to garage sales i am always on the lookout for beautiful vintage items but also things that i can use to create such as nice old frames, wooden crates and globes. this week i got lucky finding all three.
i've shown my transformed crate already.

this beautiful globe. i'm not quite sure yet if i'm going to turn it into a craft project or just leave it like it is.
these lovely leather handbags for $1 each. looks like i'm starting a collection- along with this other gorgeous leather bag i found last year.
and these frames- and i have some perfect vintage pictures for them.
did you find anything great this week?
happy thrifting!
p.s i'm linking up with her library adventures


  1. Oh my gosh! A globe is my thrifting dream score!! Lucky lass xo
    P.S, I'm a new follower, love your blog x

  2. I just want to cry all over your blog in fits of jealousy- those hand bags are so ridiculously cute! Joel suggested we go garage sale-ing in the near future...perhaps to steer me clear of all the hard rubbish junk I keep collecting :P Might keep my eye out for some cute hand bags :-)

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for looking at my blog! And I must say I'm with Samantha, your blog is wonderful! You are going on my blog roll! While I've never been to Australia, I've sent lots of books over there via my Amazon TexasBookBuyers biz and would love to visit your country one day...one of my favorite bands of all time played there recently...Roxette...I was so envious and now they are coming to the US...I already have my ticket, lodgings and air flight for NYC booked! yea!

  4. oh, I love the globe as it is. the preschooler has asked for one. I'm so excited he's asking for something not new and not plastic! great finds.

  5. The globe is and AMAZING find, those bags adorable, and frames stunning! Such stylish, cute prints too - Dan and Phili have a similar one in their kitchen which I've always enjoyed gazing into. Whereabouts did you get them? xx

  6. thanks for your lovely comments everyone:)
    samara- i def think you and joel should go garage saleing together, would love to see what you score! and jess - i got the prints in a pack from work (i dont know if you have them but there is an area in lots of schools where teachers can buy books etc for discounted prices with companies and it was in one of those book packs).