Sunday, April 29, 2012

green tea dumplings.

this recipe is an absolute favourite. it's one i picked up at the grocery store and was created by masterchef winner, adam. it's a bit time consuming but very tasty!
i took some photos to record the steps. please ignore the poor quality of them, i was getting too into cooking and didnt take my time to take good snaps.

to make the dough:
combine 3 cups of boiling water with 2 tbsp of green tea and leave to stand for 5 minutes.
drain the tea leaves and bring the tea to a boil.
combine with 4 cups of plain flour.
kneed for 5-10 minutes until stretchy.
leave the dough for 30 minutes before using.

to make the mixture:
combine 250g chicken mince, 1 tbsp of fresh coriander, 1 tbsp of fresh chives, 1 tbsp of ginger and 1 tbsp of garlic.

once you have made the dough, cut into circle shapes.
put a small spoonful of mixture into each circle and close up into a dumpling shape.
the shape:)
fry in a saucepan until both sides are crisp.
then add boiling water to half cover the dumplings and cook for 2 minutes.
they're done! in a bowl ready to eat.
and they do taste even yummier with an orange dipping sauce!
to make orange dipping sauce:
juice 1 orange, strain and reduce to 1/2 by boiling. combine with 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar and 1 small knob of ginger cut into small pieces.

this recipe is an absolute winner, do try and let me know if you like it as much as i do!

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  1. Anonymous4/30/2012

    Yummo! I had a dumpling making disaster a couple of years ago and have never tried again... I probably should!