Sunday, January 1, 2012

flea market finds from the last few weeks.

being on holidays is fantastic. i actually have time to have a look for little treasures.  i was eager to find some other gorgeous things to put around our bedroom since we got the new bedroom suite. these finds are from a few weeks back but with christmas and all things busy, i forgot to post about them.
i found this beautiful mirror at the local op shop for $10. it's quite large and fits in nicely with the other furniture in our bedroom.
i think cameos are just gorgeous. my first cameo was a beautiful necklace i inherited from my great grandma and now i have a small collection. this little beauty i got from the monthly flea market for $6. it's a locket, i just have to work out which picture i should put inside.
happy thrifting!


  1. That locket is so lovely! I also really like the edge on that mirror.

  2. Nice finds! I'm not sure which I like better.