Thursday, December 15, 2011

the gift of giving.

one of the best things about christmas is the chance to share love and give to those you love. this year i've been really inspired by all the creative people online and have tried to make a lot of things for people rather than cave too deeply into the commercial side of christmas. i love having the chance to use my time to make others happy and get a bit crafty too.
a christmas tree cake for people at church
homemade chocolates for my kris kringle
 handmade christmas card ideas.

and although this little teapot doesn't look especially christmas like, i made some teapot shaped biscuits for the staff at school to thank them for a wonderful year. the recipe was given to me by a parent of a child in my class and they are so tasty. they are honey biscuits and i'm happy to share the recipe if any one would like me?

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