Wednesday, July 20, 2011

oh im so into politics

If you'd asked me two years ago what the difference was between Liberal and Labor I wouldn't have known, or cared but with a husband and best friend passionate about politics and a deeper awareness of country problems I've decided to become informed. I taught a unit on the government to year 6/7s and starting watching more ABC programs. While I wouldn't call myself a political junkie, I have progressed to being a concerned Australian with an interest in politics. And so when I went to Canberra, how could I not stop by Parliament and have a squiz at the political centre of Australia?
 The giant 'painting' I am standing in front of is actually a giant tapestry. It took 14 people 2 years to make, super impressive stuff. Also the portrait I put up is my favourite one of the prime ministers (there is a whole row of them). I'm not really sure who he is but whichever artist did his portrait did a fantastic job. If you're in Canberra, give it a visit, it really is a very impressive building and it's good to see where Australia's big decisions get made.

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