Tuesday, July 19, 2011

high tea

It felt fabulously decadent and delightfully fun to have high tea at Adore tea with Libby.
We arrived to find a beautiful white linen table and we're greeted with glasses of champagne. The high tea aimed to match teas to food and give an all round incredible experience. We were very satisfied!

First was beautiful little sandwiches matched with golden monkey Chinese tea.
Followed by a spectacular white tea where a flower and chain burst from a ball and some savoury food.
Then came sweet treats and a turkish apple iced tea. The specialty jam for the scones was infused with earl grey tea.
Last but not least was chai custard and another type of black tea.

High tea is high on my list of favourite life experiences. I highly recommend it :)

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  1. They were mighty tasty!
    Thank you for your comment Sherry:)