Tuesday, June 14, 2011

good times with the fam

I love this photo of my Nan
quandong sponge cake
'Tis a wonderful thing when my man cooks dinner
Having the family up for the long weekend was wonderful. It felt like my home was really my home as I got to share it with them (even though my parents have been up tonnes of times before and my Uncle has also previously visited).We visited the typical tourist sites, ate quandong (I made freshly baked scones which we ate with quandong jam and cream and "fettler's smoko"- a quandong cafe classic which is basically quandong relish, turkey, red onion and camembert cooked in a croissant and we went to Bluebush cafe for lunch), went fishing, saw dolphins, cooked, ate, drank and talked a lot. Let's add to my list of happiness - lazy long weekends with the extended family.

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