Wednesday, June 1, 2011

smile away the day

Life always has its up and downs and I've been feeling a few downs lately so here's to happiness, a list of things that make me happy and content with the life I'm living.

Bella and me one sunny afternoon in 2006

1. laughing. Uncontrollably
2. Laying on the grass, nuzzled into the shoulder of someone you love.
3. watching the sunset
4. sending and receiving lovely things in the mail.
6. cuddling up with Phil and Maisy
7. leftovers
8. op shopping
9. using herbs from the garden
10. clothes swaps
11. eight full hours of sleep
12. the taste of peppermint & chocolate together
13. going home after being away for so long and it still feeling right
14.spending time with family and friends
15. reading a good book
16.drinking soft drink through a straw
17. putting on my gumboots  and walking through puddles
18.finding a new place to explore
19. going out for breakfast
20.listening to rain fall on the roof

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