Sunday, January 29, 2012

country gal.

it's been two years now since we traded in the city life for our little house in the country and now there are starting to be annual events that i just can't miss. one such event is the rodeo. for someone like me who lives in town, the rodeo is the most country thing i've ever been to. it's in a fairly remote area ( a very small town not too far away) with a bucket load of people from stations all around australia. the place is swarming with cattle, horses and extremely country looking folk- think keeping up with the joneses.
rodeo appropriate outfit: checked shirt, large buckled belt and jeans.
it's a great night of watching people ride horses fast around barrels, lasso cattle and ride bulls. you see quite a few falls and imagine they'd be a few people out there a bit worse for wear after. everyone brings deck chairs and picnic rugs and listens to the hilarious commentator. and there is always a van selling hot donuts which we proceeded to munch on all night. you definitely feel like a country gal after a night at the rodeo.

now  i tried mighty hard to get a decent photo of a bucking bull but it didn't really work so i've found this amazing photo on pinterest (source) and you can see what we saw but in a truly amazing shot. it's pretty crazy how much the bulls buck and how giant the bulls are.
 next year i'll get a photo more like the above :)

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  1. One of the awesome things about the country is that there are Big Events that everyone goes to, unlike the suburbs, where no-one cares very much. I'm guessing there'll be plenty of other uniquely rural events for you to hone your photography on before the next rodeo comes around. Fun!