Thursday, December 29, 2011

new bedroom.

instead of  buying each other christmas presents this year, husband and i decided to get a matching bedroom set. it's been a childhood dream of mine to have a four poster bed since the days i spent visiting grandma and grandpa and sleeping in their four poster 'princess' bed.  previously we didnt really have bedside tables and all the furniture in the room was things we'd manage to convince my parents to give us before we moved. so begins my create the perfect bedroom
above is just a sneak peak but i will share photos when i have finished. we spend an awful lot of time in our room so i can't wait to get creative and transform the space. i've been seeking inspiration on pinterest and using the beautiful books husband gifted me for my last birthday:
creative walls by geraldine james
and flea market style by emily chalmers
both the above books are very creative, inspiring and beautiful coffee table books with a multitude of ideas.
from looking at those books i came up with a list of creative decorating ideas that i love. i thought i'd share a few ideas that i'm considering using.
lantern lighting
beautiful lace bedspreads
flowers around mirrors
interesting wall art
and vintage letters (and numbers)
i'm not really sure how this project will evolve as it's still in it's very early stages. i have decided my budget to spend is whatever i can make from selling off old things- like the previous bedroom furniture- and this will mean i'll be looking through lots of flea markets and thrift shops. when i'm finished transforming the space i'll share it, along with some ideas and things we have done to our bedroom to make it special.


  1. It looks beautiful so far! I love redoing rooms so I'm a bit jealous. Good luck on your project!

  2. I would love a four poster bed one day. Excited to see how your room comes along! Decorating is so much fun.