Wednesday, May 16, 2012

making plans.

it's been a bit quieter on this blog this year as work has got busier and i've had less time but i thought i'd share a few projects i have going on.
currently there is a large pile of bits and bobs in the middle of my guest room as we are planning for a large purging garage sale in a few weeks. i've been sorting through all the cupboards for the last week determine to clear things if they don't fit my two categories : 1) beautiful or 2) practical and useful. goodbye clutter!
and the other project that i'm feeling passionate about is transforming our dining/second spare room into a more beautiful space. since we've found out we're going to be staying in our country town next year too  i figure there is enough time to change up the room a bit before we pack and move again. i'm pretty happy with our our bedroom but there's definately room for improvement with dining and maybe even some of the other rooms.
i have lots of ideas but it all comes down to what i can find cheaply around the town. i like the idea of seperating the room into two halves so when lots of guests come to stay we still have somewhere to eat! i've also been collecting frames of similar colours from garage sales in the hope of creating a great picture wall. 
well above you can see the before and hopefully the after might look a little bit more like the picture below.
have you got any projects going at the moment? 
enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. I love the ideas you have for your room! It will be interesting to see your after pic when it's ready.