Thursday, May 10, 2012

margaret river wineries and factories.

so  continuing on with my sharing all the great things about the margaret river region i thought it'd share about how it's full of excellent wineries and food factories.
while in the margaret river region we went on a wine tour with the company bushtucker tours and i'd highly recommend going with this company if your planning a trip and tour.
the tour changes each time depending on where you start. however on our tour we visited...
1.cape natureliste vineyard  which had some beautiful wines and two extremely cute dogs that greeted us on arrival. 
2. driftwood estate winery which had some good wines but probably not my favourite.
3. sandalford winery where the wine was lovely and we sat under the vines and had a traditional cold bush tucker lunch.
4. the crocktail bar- i can't actually remember the real name of this estate but they sell lots of liqueurs and cocktails.
5.the margaret river dairy company which make a fantastic double brie cheese that you can get from most foodlands.
6. the margaret river chocolate company. chocolate company! what more can i say. definately worth a visit and they have free samples which makes it all the better.
7. bootleg beer  which had good beer (or so i've been told since i don't drink it) but i can say the atmosphere with beautiful- the perfect spot to sit relax and unwind after a day of exploring.

 and one other place i have to mention is bettenay's margaret river company because the nougat they make is amazing and i bought so much i've been snacking on it every day since.
so if you're heading across to margaret river for a holiday these are my recommendations!


  1. The spots are simply breath taking. I wish I could have my own pic in the sites there.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful tour to take. I love food ... and wine ... and chocolate. And being immersed in the beautiful countryside. I've bookmarked your green tea dumplings that I shall give a try at some point (with a vegetarian filling). Best wishes, Tammy