Monday, January 2, 2012

some more cute wedding ideas.

i started the new year off with a bang at the beautiful wedding of michelle and paul. husband was a groomsmen as usual:) and it was a very hot but absolutely fabulous day. the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and i thought i'd share some ways they made it special for all those brides to be out there. for other cute ideas too check out here and here and here.
isn't this a lovely set up for a signing of the registry table?
chandeliers are so stunning and this one was simply gorgeous.
a lolly table - fill a container with lollies to take home. i love the idea of using scrabble letters, i'm always on the search for old scrabble boards when thrifting.
a love letters table- where each guest writes a special little note to the bride and groom with marriage advice or best wishes etc.
photos in different frames of the bride and groom on adventures and also pictures from their parents wedding days.
and some photos too with the beautiful bride, uni friends and the most handsome groomsman.


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    What great images...I esp love the scrabble letter fun!

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