Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i like the word bomboniere, it's got a nice ring to it but it's a word i only learnt when planning my own wedding. when i got engaged people asked me what i was doing for the bomboniere. i didn't really know what to do so i played it safe and went traditional. since my own wedding i've seen lots of good bombonieres ideas. i've even got photos of a few, but at a recent wedding i was absolutely smitten with their bomboniere idea of a place card to add your own photobooth photo. oh how i love photobooths!
 the first wedding i've been to, my own. this photo doesn't really capture it too well but each guest got a bag of the traditional 5 sugared almonds.
my friend's husband is an ebay enthusiast and found these adorable notepad with fruit patterns on them rather cheap. each notepad has a fruit print on it, like apple seeds and the outside of an apple and folds in a circular shape to look like an apple (or other fruit such as oranges, pineapples, watermelon). i love using my notepad at home and sending out different fruit messages to people.
another idea is a frame with a picture of the person from the engagement party in it. now it's not husband's best photo but nice idea. the couple bought frames super cheap from ikea and painted them up to give a personal touch.
and yes of course, a very fun idea is hiring a photo booth and letting you guests go wild! and then giving them a cute little holder to display the funny photos. my fridge looks so much more interesting since going to this wedding.


  1. Great ideas. I like the photo booth idea with the funny photos.

  2. Yeah I also attended similar event last month. It was simply superb. My fiancé and I really had so much fun. I also need to rent Seattle Wedding venues for that as well. I would also prefer an outdoor venue. If you have suggestions then please share them as well!