Wednesday, February 15, 2012

where to go wednesday. ♥ hong kong

for this weeks where to go wednesday i thought i'd share an overseas location that i really enjoyed. husband and i loved our time in Hong Kong. when in hong kong we couldn't help but make the obligatory peace signs in many photo.
we took a train up to 'the peak' for a truly spectacular view of Hong Kong.
we visited the magical world of hong kong disneyland. people kept telling us it was a small disneyland and wasn't going to take very long to explore but somehow husband and i passed a wonderful full day there.
we visited 'hong kong ocean park' which had a great skyrail and a very cool jellyfish expedition..and rides, pandas and plenty to do to fill a day.
and of course you can't go to hong kong and not shop. we passed two wonderful days simply exploring the shops.
have you been to hong kong, what did you think? or where in the world would go on a wednesday?
happy dreaming and exploring!

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