Monday, February 20, 2012

garage sale goodies.

 on the weekend i hit up some garage sales and to my delight, found a few goodies, like the above tops. perhaps i really will manage to find enough thrifted clothes to fill my wardrobe!
 a cute little cash register for my classroom.
 and my personal favourite find for a while, this gorgeous bed spread. i have no idea where to put it yet. i am thinking of maybe using it as a new couch cover.
  and husband's favourite find:)- a new basketball ring.
score. happy thrifting! and as usual i'm linking up with apron thrift girl and her library adventures


  1. fantastic finds! love that bow top and the bedspread!!!

  2. Oooh I love that bedspread and think it looks great on the couch!

  3. The bedspread is just stunning! You found some real treasures this week! Following you now.

  4. That bedspread is pretty cool. I think it looks great as a couch cover. I can't wait until the garage sales pick up around here! I'm glad your husband found something. My husband still thinks my best garage sale find EVER was a garage heater :)

  5. Girl, your thrifting skills. I'm super impressed. And a little jealous.