Sunday, February 5, 2012

bits + pieces + some thrift shop finds.

it's been a very busy week going back to work. i have a gorgeous group of children to teach but i forgot how tiring fourteen 5 year olds can be (though i should really count my blessings- in a few terms i'll have twenty-six 5 year olds).
our neighbours moved house, just a few streets away, but now they have the most amazing indoor pool. i'm in love with it! it was blissful lying in the warm pool watching a crazy storm outside the other night. now my ex-neighbours have shown me their amazing pool, they're going to have a very, very regular visitor!
husband and i found it was easy to turn our new bed into a fort and had a lazy night under our fort watching lawrence leung's choose your own adventure (hilarious but a bit cringe worthy too). we ordered a pizza and ate it in our fort. i see a lot more fort dates in our future.
we've got a special little guest at the moment as we're dog sitting. maisy loves having a new friend around and the little guy is super sweet. having a new friend has already produced lots of laughs as we watch them both compete for our affection and see if either of them can get away with jumping on our bed.
while it was a super busy week, i still had a quick peek in the local thrift shop. i found this pretty casserole dish for $2 and snapped it up. i can never have too many casserole dishes! especially when you keep forgetting to bring them home after pot luck dinner parties.
and i also found these cute matching ramekins which will get much use since our last set of ramekins got lost in the move (2 years ago!) and i still hadn't bought new ones. it's time to start baking mini pies, pasta bakes and baked eggs.
happy thrifting! enjoy the rest of your weekend x
 p.s i'm linking up with her library adventures and apron thrift girl


  1. What a cute an happy blog you have!! :D Love it! Love the thrifting finds, puppies, fort date, and everything else! :)

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! It made my night! :)

  2. what a fun blog! thanks so much for stopping by mine--I'm a follower of tourist in my town now! love that casserole dish, by the way--great find!