Monday, January 30, 2012

brooching out.

this weeks thrift shop finds are small but pretty.  i found some cute little brooches, and one which had a matching bracelet. i just thought they were kind of sweet and i'd like the wear brooches more to jazz up a plainer outfit.
but the question i always think about:
how can i pull off wearing a brooch?
here's some brooch wearing inspiration.
in your hair (source)
on a dress (source)
 or attached to a pretty scarf ( source- wendy's lookbook)
 how do you wear brooches?
and as usual this week im linking up with her library adventures and apron thrift girl. x


  1. your brooches are gorgeous! i love to wear them pinned to a cardi or bag x

  2. Eeeeeep, these brooches are so very pretty! What great finds :)


  3. I personally wear brooches on everything, especially in the winter. They look great on a winter coat, blazer, cardigan or even a dress! Whenever I wear a fun brooch I always get asked about it, they're definitely conversation starters.

  4. I always love brooches, but somehow I just don't have the capacity to pair them with any outfit. I stare and drool over them, but when I try to use them for accessorizing, I just feel to flashy or something. Completely in my head, but I still haven't been able to get over it. Sad.