Saturday, November 12, 2011

picnic in rymill park.

i'm fortunate to have a place to stay in adelaide that's close to the city. so when friends turned up at my door loaded with a picnic basket and rug, i knew rymill park was just the place to go. it's a beautiful park just near the city with a lovely little lake and long luscious trees everywhere. not to mention lots of roses and a playground. and a picnic in a park is always a good excuse to test out my new tripod and see if i can get a nice picture of everyone.
i must add as well that rymill park is the perfect setting for an alice in wonderland themed birthday celebration. in the corner of the park is a beautiful alice i thought i'd share some photos from feb 2010 when the park was the setting of an alice birthday celebration.


  1. Is that Sarah?! I went to primary school with her! Oh, Adelaide. Lovely photos, Lisa!

  2. Hehe such a small world.yes it is