Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tourist in melbourne: food

living in a tiny country town means our local restaurant is mcdonalds. thus i get pretty excited to eat at new places. melbourne has an abundance of beautiful restaurants and cafes and cute cupcake shops. my favourite restaurant we ate at (above picture) was a darling greek restaurant called tsindos in the greek precinct. the food was amazingly good with tasty dips, salad, mixed grill and moussaka. but also the atmosphere was super sweet with lovely decor, staff and two greek men having a jam on their instruments at the table next to us. plus it was open on a sunday night when half of the restaurants seemed to be closed...don't melbourne people eat out on sundays??

but of course, who can go past my favourite place in melbourne... madame brussels. a gorgeous roof top dessert and drinks bar with fake lawn, garden furniture and everything in a shade of pink, pale green and white. the cocktails are super sweet and fruity and the fondue is amazing. but like most of melbourne, pretty quiet on a sunday night.
so if you ever visit these places make sure to wear some loose fitting clothes :)

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