Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tourist in melbourne: exhibitions

i love a good exhibition. and even more i love when i get to explore a new place at the same time. i went to melbourne for the weekend with friends and was mighty impressed by some of the exhibitions on offer.
 first we went to see Tutankhamun which was fantastic. i couldn't believe how many things existed over 3000 years ago, like hinges were on a jewelery box in Tutankhamun's burial room. we didn't get to see his actual mummy as it is still in egypt but it was definitely worth seeing some spectacular and well preserved 3000 year old egyptian objects. if you get the chance it's a really interesting exhibition and isn't in australia too much longer.

the  other exhibition we chose to see featured klimt who is my absolute favourite artist.  he painted my favourite painting, the kiss,  a copy of it hangs in our bedroom. so naturally i went to the Vienna art & design exhibition.  while the kiss wasn't there, i saw some amazing artwork and was pretty impressed with some of the design, especially by Otto Wagner. the Vienna exhibition closes soon but i'm sure will come to other capital cities.

other pictures are of a beautiful building near the museum and a parade of giant dragon babies, also known as the angels-demon parade.
in this tourists opinion, if you're off to melbourne, book an exhibition or two... or three:)

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