Thursday, October 13, 2011

tourist in melbourne: shopping

i somewhat failed miserably when it came to getting snap happy in melbourne. i was too busy eating and shopping to take many photos and in the beautiful exhibitions sadly photos weren't permitted.
 these are my only shopping related photos despite hours spent exploring.  there is a photo of my lovely friend Jasmine in our favourite shopping area in melbourne, brunswick street, which is full of lots of cute shops and vintage finds. the start of brunswick street is super easy to find thanks to a lovely little park with large babushka dolls. 
other than brunswick street, i always love a trip to st kilda which has plenty of places to eat and lots of one off interesting kind of shops. just hop on the tram and get off when you see the big smiling face of luna park.
 and if all else fails there's always the swanson street mall which has just got Zara and is getting top shop soon. happy shopping :)

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