Saturday, July 23, 2011

tasty adelaide

On the way to and from Canberra I stopped off in Adelaide and like most things my time in Adelaide revolved around food:
  • Mum's amazing homemade pumpkin soup
  • Fresh jam and cream scones and lattes at our families' favourite cafe in Stirling
  • A hot chicken roast with piles of vegies.
  • Chocolates and other treats at Grandma's while played cards
  • Delicious honey cupcakes baked by Jasmine
  • Green chicken curry and chicken cashew from Parade thai
  • Macarons!!!
I was introduced to the most lovely macaron shop round with a cutesy herb patch out front and incredible mango tea. It was taste bud heaven and definately my favourite dessert place find this year. The decor is something out of a interior design mag with the most spectacular wallpaper and an excellent cook book shop out back. Five thumbs up from me.
Check it out:
our lovely plate of macarons

 I love the black, grey, white, brown and green colour scheme (earthy tones) going on and of course the fabulously tasty macarons and tea.
Will be going back there soon!


  1. Where was this Lisa? Looks so much fun!

  2. It was much fun:) It's on Hutt St, above the post office and open thurs-sun night.