Tuesday, May 24, 2011

where oh where shalt I iron?

Our house has four big rooms in it and a tiny laundry out the back. I could never be bothered getting out the ironing board which wouldn't fit in the laundry anyway so I never ironed. Husband and I went months without using the clothes that needed to be ironed but then we both badly needed the clothes so I've invented an 'ironing corner' in one of our rooms and finally have my own space to iron. Anyway I was pleased with the area I created so here's some snaps.
An ironing inspired collage on a canvas

The ironing shelf complete with bags for putting the mismatched socks.

Pin hole picture of the whole space

LO VErs watching over the ironing board


  1. Anonymous6/11/2011

    Lisa, I've only just found your blog - it's beautiful! And this ironing spot is so cute! T x

  2. thanks Tamie! x