Sunday, May 22, 2011

pizza. pizza. pizza

Living in the country means very limited food choices. We have plenty of junk food... maccas, hungry jacks, kfc, barnacle bills, eagle boys, yummy noodles, ian's chicken hut, gotable fish and chips, wendys. Then we have 6 or so pubs, 3 indian places- ones a restuarant, two are just take away , 2 chinese shops, one fantastic bakery, a cafe primo, a few delis and cafes and two subways. We've eaten or had a drink at every single one of these places so there's nothing exciting about eating out at home anymore.
So being in the city this weekend we celebrated food choices by going to our all time favourite pizza place for yiros pizza and dessert pizza. It was so tasty!

mmm... we polished off the whole pizza.


  1. Anonymous6/11/2011

    What's the name of your fave pizza place? T x

  2. It's called Fellini's on O'Connell street, North Adelaide. Fantastic pizza and it's in the entertainment book too if you know anyone that has the vouchers.