Sunday, April 15, 2012

the most south-westerly point in australia.

the last few weeks of work (school term) was pretty draining and i have struggled to find the time to give this blog any energy or attention. but now it's holidays!!! and i'm loving it so very much. husband and i packed up the car as soon as the work day was over last thurs, drove to adelaide and flew to perth to spent a delightful week in western australia with husband's brother. i can now cross it off my list, i've officially visited every state and can remember these visits (i'd been to western australia as a baby). so as this tourist loves to do i thought i'd share about the delightful state of western australia and today i'm sharing about a special spot just out of augusta, western australia (part of the margaret river region).
i can now say i have been to the most south-westerly tip of australia!  on one of our days we drove from our base, in the town of busselton, out to cape leeuwin which is where the indian ocean meets to the southern ocean and also the most south-westerly tip of australia. it's simply beautiful with a lovely lighthouse and worth a visit- though like everything in western australia you do have to pay to enter the grounds and even more to climb the lighthouse.
and while we were in the margaret river region we also walked the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere (almost 2 kms long). busselton jetty is quite a sight and again, like everything in western australia costs money to do - only $2.50 though. 
we bought some simmo's icecream which is the icecream of choice in w.a and make the long walk to the end.
 ah, i love holidays!

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful and sunny - a perfect holiday! Western Australia is one of the two states & territories I need to visit to complete my collection and your photos are telling me I need to do it soon/