Sunday, March 4, 2012

golden book notebook.

i love golden books. i have my prized collection at home of book i had when i was a child. however when i'm browsing garage sales i always find lots of cute golden books and thought i'd buy some pretty covered ones and turn them into notebooks.
you will need:
a golden book
some lined paper
(i usually use a notebook from coles, a thin lined one which sometimes you can get on special for 5c)
some joiners
a drill
a small guillotine or some good cutting skills

1. open up the golden book and remove the pages- you will need to get to the staples that hold the book together to remove the pages.these pages can be used for all kinds of other projects or as cute wrapping paper.
2. cut your lined paper to size and insert into the golden book.
3. drill 4 small holes and insert joiners.
and there you have it your very one golden book notebook to scribble away in!


  1. That's such a lovely idea - the finished notebook looks fantastic.