Saturday, January 14, 2012

turning tea towels into treasures.

my dear grandma recently gifted me a huge amount of tea towels that have never been used (see  a few of my favourites above). she has a cupboard at her home literally brimming with beautiful unused tea towels that people gifted her over the years. she gave some me as i've managed to trash a few tea towels in the past year and was running low. however when i saw them some of them were far too beautiful to be used to dry dishes. so i've searched the net for ideas...
i could turn them into stool covers (though first i would need to buy a stool:))
i could make a tea towel apron (source)
i could use them as gift wrapping.(source)
they could make pretty cushion covers.(source)

or be turned into a drawstring bag (source)
well at least there is definitely one that i've got a plan for. the picture of two dogs going to church was hand sewn on this tea towel and given to my grandmother for her glory box. it's at least 60 years old and super cute so i have every intention of simply putting a pretty frame round it and hanging it in my kitchen.

what would you do with a collection of beautiful vintage never been used tea towels?


  1. I am extremely envious of your beautiful t towel collection. How lovely of your granny to give them to you. I adore t towels and have a huge collection, I admire the interesting things clever people do with them but I'm afraid that I could never, ever cut into mine!
    My favourites of the ones you've shown are the Scotty dogs going to church and the Picasso-ish one. Wonderful! Will keep an eye on your blog to see what you do with them x

  2. love those tea towels!

  3. I had one of those tea-towels, the one with the Koala in the tree with the native flowers and rosellas, and I made it into a little girl's pinafore! Have a look if you like :)
    Those little stools are great, I will be keeping an eye out for one to re-cover on future op shopping trips!

  4. I love that little idea of using magazines as a table. I might have to copy that one. ;)

    1. i didn't even notice the magazine tables until you pointed them out. thanks, i do think that's a great idea too!