Sunday, January 15, 2012

i drove an hour to buy candle wax.

this weeks thrift shop finds have only been made possible by the fact that i was desperate for candle wax to complete a craft project. i'd scoured my town and failed to find any so i drove an hour to the nearest town and stocked up.
however the 2hrs worth of driving in total were made more worthwhile by the fact i stopped by their op shops and scored some serious thrifting bargains. so much so that i actually briefly considered doing what i did back in 2007 and only buying thrifted clothes as a goal for the year (excluding shoes, pjs etc). but i'm not sure. in 2007 i was a poor student and while i convinced myself that i was doing it to promote recycling and not being wasteful, the fact that my bank account was dismal also helped. however now i'm working full time, can op shops really provide enough professional clothes for work?
could you go a year with only buying thrifted clothes?
and now to share my other finds..
now when you see my rocking these skirts and dress you'll know i got them from a thrift shop and i'm one mighty proud thrift bargain hunter. all for $15!
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  1. I love them all, but especially the sailor dress! I'm trying to buy nothing new this year, so far so good (I'm putting off buying a small red zip in the hopes one will turn up, but I am starting to get impatient!) x

  2. That second skirt is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Lisa, I'm with you re not buying new this year - we have a couple of great charity shops nearby which have kept me happy and supplied with skirts which have caught the eye (and received complimentary notice)- I'll continue!

  4. Looks like the drive was worth it, those are some great finds!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Lisa, those are AMAZING finds!!! I would thrift more if I found clothes like this! (Which I know is only possible if one thrifts at all... it's a resolution this year, I promise!)

    See, it's worth it driving an hour for candle wax. You never know what you might find!

  6. Cute! Love that second skirt. I could definitely go a full year with only thrift shopping!!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful comment :)

    Love the 1st skirt and I could totally go a year with only thrifted items...some of the best stuff I find is at thrift stores!!