Monday, January 9, 2012

fun in the queensland sun.

i'm back!
i packed my bags, said goodbye to husband who sadly couldn't get the time off work, and headed up to my aunt and uncle's home near brisbane for a week with the extended family culminating with my cousin's wedding.
we spent most days enjoying the sunshine, eating cheese and crackers by the pool, lazily reading magazines and visiting some of the theme parks. with 21 of us together meals were epically big, it was sometimes noisy, but so enjoyable to spent lots of time together. i slept out in a revamped new caravan with a lovely comfy bed that i shared with my one female cousin and my own tv as my many boy cousins crammed head to head into two little rooms. however i had even more company with some little hens and a particuarly cheerful rooster as my neighbours. this delightful rooster thought 4am was just the perfect time to be alive and tell the world about it.
...and now for some wedding photos.
nb i know the dress i'm wearing in these photos is looking mighty familiar to anyone who regularly reads this blog but it's pretty and i'm a terrible packer and didn't have many other clothes to pick from. and no one at the wedding had ever seen my lovely dress before...i must get as much wear out of it as possible:)
such a beautiful day. i love family time.

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  1. what a lovely wedding! that cake is beautiful and so are all these people :)
    Lovely Little Rants