Sunday, December 18, 2011

flea market finds.

my summer holiday plan is to have a big clean out and garage sale and sell a lot of things. the reason why: i love thrifting and finding bargains but the more amazing things you buy the more your home gets crowded and sometimes a cull of those things that just arent quite as amazing as the rest needs to happen. but for now i'll share some finds as finds are always more exciting than talking about cleaning up! this is what i found this week...
this darling little hand painted silk purse.
this high waisted belt with floral front.
and my favourite find for the week, a brand new Cath Kidson wallet for $2. isn't it pretty?


  1. Woo hoo - great finds. I try not to think about culling but you are soooo right ....

  2. Love the wallet. What a great deal.

  3. I LOVE that wallet! soooo pretty its crazzzy! :)