Tuesday, September 27, 2011

when hosting tourists: setting up the perfect guest room.

when we moved to the country i knew lots of our city family and friends would be coming up to visit. i wanted to set up a guest room that’s cozy and inviting. i picked up ideas for b&bs and hotels we visited and have put together a little guide of what we did to set up our main guest room.

1.i bought some nice linen and we were fortunate to get a comfy bed for free from friends. i always make sure to supply lots of pillows to accommodate guests with different sleeping needs and provide fresh towels (and i always add some soap for an extra touch).

2.  i have some spare toiletries in the non working fireplace. you never feel clean if you forget your toothbrush or soap so i always  have spare soaps, shampoos and toothbrushes for the forgetful guest or the person who stays too late and decides to crash.

3. i have a box that’s easy to access with lots of extra blankets for cold nights. i also have a suitcase filled with toys for those times our friends with kids come to visit.

4.i  have a jug of water and some glasses for guests who get thirsty in the night.

5. i always love wearing a robe and staying in my pjs for breakfast on holidays so we have a guest robe for anyone who wants to laze around all morning.

other things i like to do are put flowers in a vase in the room. i also  put a big reading chair in the room, bought some pretty rugs and converted one of the built in bookcases into a wardrobe filled with empty coat hangers. i love having guests come stay and hope that these ideas might be useful for you if you’re setting up a guest room. NB all the backgrounds for the polaroids are old wallpapers i was given by a friend at work. i’m  not sure exactly what crafts to turn them into but that’s going to be my holiday project.

p.s i love this idea for hungry visitors.

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  1. Anonymous9/29/2011

    I love the wall paper idea and the guest
    room is so inviting - I can smell the hot scones
    and jam