Thursday, July 21, 2011


Everyone has fears. 
If they tell you they don't they still do just they also have a fear of telling you their fear. I don't really like mice,snakes or spiders but probably my greatest fear is of heights. At Questacon they have this free fall where you drop from 6.7metres and land on a slide and slide to the bottom. You know there is a slide there but you just have to let go and drop when you can't see anything below you. I had a little freak out lining up but thankfully there was a lovely little 6 year old girl who decided she'd do it too. We walked up together and when a 6 year old is willing to do it (and she has longer to fall), how could I not? I admit it took me about 5 minutes to stop shaking after the experience but it was definately worthwhile!

 Libby also conquered her fear and stuck her head in a guillotine simulator.
Aren't we brave?!?

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