Friday, June 17, 2011

weeks with Emily

In front of a new shop that's opened in Quorn. It's very cute with lovely colourful chairs and set up like an old fashioned general store. It also sells Antiques and serves lunches. I'm super excited to be getting some new shops in the area.
For the last 5 weeks ( and a random week a few weeks before that) the lovely Emily has been staying at our place and testing out for her self what it's like to be a country teacher. It's been great having her company and cheerful presence around and I'll miss having long chats with her every night after school and cooking with her.I thought I'd include some touristy shots of Em visiting the sites on this blog to give another picture of country life. We had a great time hanging out and now the house is a little bit quieter and the wait for Phil to get home from work seems a little longer. Note: I would have included some photos that had us both but all the self portrait ones turned out pretty ordinary.

If you come visit we will take you to Red hill lookout
show you Sturt Desert Peas
and take you to the rather pretty foreshore
To finish this post I thought I'd include an example of our combined cooking efforts; tasty chocolate cupcakes. 

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