Monday, June 13, 2011

My first icecream cake

 Husband is a great lover of ice cream so for his 24th birthday I made him an ice cream cake. It was my first ever attempt making one and I must say it tasted mighty good. Happy birthday husband!!


  1. Anonymous6/13/2011

    That looks amazing Lisa! Happy birthday Phil!

    I am also a great lover of ice cream - want to share the recipe? :) T

  2. Thanks. It's a recipe from slightly modified. Layer 1 is chocolate ice cream with choc chips, layer 2 is vanilla with honeycomb bits mixed in, layer 3 is vanilla choc chip. The topping is crushed maltesers and raspberries. Just melt the icecream 10 mins, add the mix ins and mix until smooth. Then put down layer 1 in a lined (with baking paper) tray and cover with cling wrap. Freeze for 30 mins and do the same with layer 2 and 3. Then freeze over night and eat the next day... I always add some extra raspberries too every time I eat a slice as the raspberries just taste so good with it.Hope my instructions make sense x