Saturday, June 25, 2011

decluttering crafts

I am someone who absolutely adores bargain hunting and the thrill of getting something new, yet I hate clutter and when I get too materialistic. When Phil and I first got married we lived in a tiny two bedroom unit in a set of flats.We painted the walls white and it was easy to maintain. The house was filled with wedding presents and bits of furniture donated by parents and friends as the only household items we had before moving out were a cane chair and a giant hello kitty mug that really is too big to drink from. Below are some photos of it.

back when our fruit bowl was filled with bananas, before they cost $14.00 a kilo
However now that we live in the country we have a house that is plenty big enough for Phil, Maisy and I with a large outdoor entertaining area, two sheds and plenty of yard space. Before we moved we only had enough possessions to fill a small unit and even then it was pretty sparsely filled. Now almost 1 and a 1/2 years later I can't believe we've filled up a whole house! So with the weekend looming I thought why not give the house a bit of a 'winter' clean and declutter. However as I went through cupboards I found some craft supplies and decided to get a bit crafty instead.
With a container of harma beads, some ribbon and a small canvas I made a replica Marilyn Monroe pop art picture.
a copy pop art Marilyn in oils picked up from a Vietnamese art shop in Ho Chi Minh City

Then I found all these pretty dollies my Nanna gave me on our wedding day as well as a bunch of other wedding gifts and using silver paint and a canvas turned it into a wedding memory collage (almost 2 years ago now).
Next I found some lovely toile material Libby gave me, painted a frame blue and made a toile inspired pin board. I haven't finished the pin board yet but here's a picture of where I'm up to.
Thinking of adding some ribbons and possibly a third coat of blue paint??
Time to rest now and have a curry night with the girls.


  1. Lis, I LOVE it! You inspire me to actually get around to the crafty ideas I've been storing away in my mind. Beautiful!

  2. Also, lovely & colourful title pic of you :)

  3. thank you Jess! x